Airport Commercial Management,Course fees, Admission form,2018-19

Course Overview

Airport Commercial Management is a branch of study that teaches management of airport and airlines.The global airline industry continues to grow rapidly, but consistent and robust profitability is elusive. CAO policies regarding the principles and processes for setting user charges will be presented and related implementation considerations discussed.

The airport business model is undergoing a massive transformation as airports around the world are becoming privatized, self-financed entities.Through exercises, you will learn how to determine the right mix of aeronautical and non-aeronautical services being offered to satisfy the customers, airlines and bottom line of any airport.

This course will teach you how to design and implement a development strategy for two key revenue generators, routes, and commercial management.


1. Building Strategic Intelligence

  • Determining competitive position
  • The modern market intelligence process

2. Commercial Strategy

  • Positioning and branding
  • Customer retention planning
  • Commercial alliances

3. Airport Economics

  • Forecasting airport business activity
  • Principles of benchmarking

4. Commercial Management

  • Changing organizational principles
  • Reviewing alternatives to the organizational structure

5. Streams of Revenue

  • Aeronautical/ non-Aeronautical
  • Passenger & Cargo traffic
  • Planning for commercial challenges
  • Airport land development and property management
  • Internal communication and promotion planning


Upon completing this course you will be able to:

  • Learn how to undertake a land development program
  • Determine your competitive position in the industry using advanced analytical tools
  • Evaluate non-aeronautical revenue and its impact on your airport
  • Maximize revenue through passenger and cargo traffic enhancement
  • Apply the latest customer relationship and brand value management techniques to your airport


This course is recommended for:

  • Global airport operators
  • Airport and airline management
  • Airport management consultants and analysts

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